That’s Good


A word about our basic goodness…
What would happen
if we believed deep down
that we are inherently good?
How would we treat others
if we believed the same about them?
We might spend our whole lives
trying to weed out our character flaws
and our negative tendencies,
thinking that one day
when we are finally worthy,
finally good enough,
we could be happy–
but I say,
let’s not defer our happiness.
Instead, why don’t we relax
into the realization
that we are all inherently good,
kind people,
and work on magnifying those qualities
in ourselves and others?
If we focus on how we need to change
we might blind ourselves
to what is already precious,
whole, pure, sweet, and good,
what has already arrived,
what is already here.
You want to know deep goodness?
Sit still, close your eyes,
put your hands over your heart, breathe.
There now, that’s good.

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