The Path is the Destination


Back home after a harrowing journey,
a night time drive of 212 miles
in fog and driving rain
over hills and mountains
and high speed highways.
A lot of prayers were uttered
as I drove through plumes of rain
kicked up by semi after semi,
my two children in the back seat,
completely oblivious to how
dangerous it was
as the car hydroplaned
on many occasions,
gusts of wind
spraying wet leaves across the road…
Visibility was low
and I felt myself growing tense
with the responsibility
of keeping us all alive…
one wrong move
and we could all be gone
in an instant.
I finally put on the hazard lights
and slowed way down to be safe
in the fog and the rain.
And it occurs to me now
that the same can be applied
when going through
harrowing mental and emotional weather–
slow down, proceed with caution,
we cannot see what’s ahead
and there is bound to be
all kinds of weather,
so relax into this journey of life…
the path is the destination.

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    • Ah yes…thank you dear friend. Being gentle with oneself is just as important as being gentle with the little ones. I think they actually help me to get in touch with that tenderhearted place in myself where it’s possible to approach myself with kindness. Their innocence and their spontaneity are so inspiring. ❀ πŸ™‚

      • It’s funny about having energy…it’s so variable depending on how much sleep I’ve gotten, what’s going on with my hormones, what I had for dinner last night, if I’ve managed to squeeze my meditation in before the day gets going. I guess it’s a reason to celebrate when everything aligns and I find myself around my children with the energy to play with them and enjoy them! ❀

      • Yes. I feel that too. Sometimes I get frustrated because I’m so tired and I think Gosh I need a break and I know these days are passing quickly…and then there’s the added trying to do this deep inquiry..when it’s hard enough to just get a shower and a rest and maybe a moment to catch my breath πŸ’™…and I only have one little one

      • Yes, exactly! You said it. That’s why we mamas have to support one another, hold each other up…because otherwise we end up feeling isolated and crazy! I’m glad you’re here. ❀ πŸ™‚

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