From All Directions


No need to rehash the past…
it’s time consuming
and energy draining.
A simple acknowledgment
of the wrongs you committed
and some concrete action
to rectify them will suffice.
It’s a relief to let go of the need
to replay every last little detail–
you have so much more presence
when you aren’t absorbed
by your past story.
When you have done the best you can
to make amends,
set down the burden of guilt,
and keep setting it down
if you find yourself
unconsciously picking it up.
This is a practice,
and you are human.
Be patient.
If you have lived decades of your life
looking backwards
you’ll need to give yourself some time
before you can truly see this moment.
Once your eyes are opened
you’ll be astounded at all the blessings
surrounding you,
pouring into you from all directions.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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