Bliss Without Condtions


Coming back to the gifts we offer–
I’ve been toying with the idea
of having this beautiful gift and
wanting to sharing it
and being okay when we encounter
others who don’t really want
the gift we have to share.
If we have the expectation
that someone reacts a certain way
to our offering–
maybe with appreciation or delight
or admiration or reciprocity,
and then they reject our offering,
it it easy to feel saddened, angry,
resentful, hurt.
News flash!
We don’t need everyone
to love and approve of us.
We don’t need everyone
to want what we have to offer.
If we are clear about who we are
and what we have within us,
our clarity will speak for us,
and our words and actions
will ring with deep truth.
This is living with integrity.
The way we choose to live each day
will determine how we experience
the totality of our lives.
Know your gift,
share your gift
and don’t expect anything in return.
This is bliss without conditions.

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