Two Kinds of Awareness


You can be aware
of your bodily sensations,
your thoughts,
your breathing patterns–
and you can become aware
of your awareness.
In the first kind of awareness,
you merge with the
object of your attention
and you identify with it.
You are the sensations in your body,
you are your thoughts,
you are your breath.
In the second kind,
you observe your bodily sensations,
you witness your thoughts,
you take note of your breath.
This is the difference between
sitting in a movie theater
and becoming so wrapped up in the show
that you forget yourself completely,
and sitting in the movie theater,
giving your attention to the show,
yet retaining some kind of awareness
that you are there, in a seat,
watching a movie.
In the first kind of awareness,
your experience of life
is determined by what unfolds
outside of you.
If something pleasant happens,
you are pleased.
If something terrible happens,
you feel terrible.
In the second kind of awareness,
your experience of life
is determined by what
unfolds within you.
If you have touched the place
of deep, stable, clear awareness
within yourself,
then you will experience peace
regardless of what takes place
outside of you.
In the first kind of awareness,
you are at the mercy of fate,
anxiously hoping
that reality will fit into the mold
you have created for it,
shaped by your hopes and fears,
likes and dislikes,
your history, your identity…
In the second kind of awareness,
you are open, clear, calm, quiet,
ready to experience
this most spacious reality,
awake to your infinite nature.
Now tell me
because I really want to know–
which do you choose?

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  1. I’ve been noticing this a lot. I focus on the stable place within… and there is this suble shifting that happens more quickly than all my efforts to shift it on the surface before. And there is peace knowing I am okay no matter what… even if I am crying out on the surface.. at the same time… there is calm. That’s why I like to listen to that Mooji. When there is a lot of shaking on the surface, I like to listen to his calm voice. ❤ I feel that in your writing too… that calm place. xx

    • Ahh, that calm place. Thank you Laurie for your words…and for the image of shaking, crying on the outside but stable within. I’d like to listen to more Mooji. Do you have any favorite videos? I watched the one you posted the other day but would love a recommendation. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Oh yes! I will look. I have listened to many over the past years. I also have been listening to Rupert Spira today. I live to listen and filter out little bits of truth. I’m not real into the guru thing..kissing feet. 🙂 My mentor who really helped me go all the way wasn’t either. But I love to listen to them.

      • Thank you! I appreciate your sharing the tidbits that resonate with you. Laurie’s curated wisdom bits. I appreciate that! ❤ 🙂

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