Take Me, Life


At the end of a long day of teaching,
feeling tired, hungry,
and yet high on all of the beautiful
energy that flowed from everyone,
it strikes me how the point of life
is to give of myself
until I’m all used up.
There is no majesty
in shrinking into lethargy.
But giving of myself completely,
becoming empty,
I have space to receive
the marvelous abundance of life.
I let go of myself and
all of the little stories I’ve told,
and I inherit the entire universe.
In truth, my giving is quite selfish.
I give because it brings so much joy
to experience the flow of life,
the exchange of energy between
myself and the source of all that is.
Please life, take me.
Take me and use me up completely.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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