Christmas Shopping Confession


I went to Target today
and joined in the spending craze
as is normal
for everyone caught up
in the Holy Daze.


I was in there
for only a few things
but I must’ve been
swept up in a collective current,
people flowing all over the store
examining, reading, holding,
grabbing, putting back,
putting in cart, discussing,
buying, spending, meandering–
it was all quite neurotic,
almost feverish.
Suddenly I needed to have
a lot more than I came in for.
Were they atomizing
some chemical of mass consumption
in the air?
Were they piping subliminal messages
over the speaker system–
Suddenly my children needed
stocking stuffers
and I liked a couple of sleds
I saw here
more than the ones
I bought weeks ago.
(And now I have four sleds in my car.)
I question my judgement now.
I wonder about the ripple effects of my spending,
how it affects the world, ultimately.
And I thought I was going to simplify this year…

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  1. My thoughts on Shopping : 😄😄
    Here the other day I was out to buy something for my Christmas tree. I saw this one gorgeous beautifully crafted Santa, but he was soooo expensive! I literally couldn’t afford him, I mean I didn’t have enough money in my account to buy him, so I bought a smaller one instead. I still think about the bigger Santa, only now he has become magical! Like a treasure you will never have, but love to hear about! It adds to the magic! 😄😄. I think if I would have had enough money to buy him, he wouldn’t have become so magical! 😄😄.

    It’s like….you know when you have put aside money to buy new clothes and you go to the shops with your pocket full, but then nothing seems good enough, and you come home empty handed. But other days when you have only very little money and not really enough to buy anything, everything seems so beautiful and nice, and you find that you can just scrape together enough to buy one item, but then that one item become so magical and treasured and special, you feel like you have won the lottery! 😄😄

  2. We tried to simplify this year too. To a degree I’ve succeeded but next year I want to simplify more. Let’s give ourselves credit for the moderate change we’ve made and alow ourselves to recognise that swimming against the current is difficult. Give the extra sleds to a family who will love them and feel good about it. We’re not perfect but we’re trying our best. Happy Christmas. x

    • Thanks dear. I appreciate your encouragement to be more gentle with myself. It’s helpful for this gal who so easily reverts to self-critical mode! 🙂 ❤

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