A Time for Celebration


I gave so much today.
Why am I thinking about
what I didn’t give,
what I could’ve given?
Why, oh my mind,
do you want to remember
what you think wasn’t right,
how you think I failed,
how I have fallen short?
Ultimately, the spirit of celebration
is embodied in gentle little pauses
where we drop the thinking,
look around,
and see what is.
In this clear space of no mind,
reality opens up
and we see, feel, hear, touch, taste
so much more
than we normally would.
Joy is the natural result
of such open, clear awareness.
If I could find a way
to cultivate more presence
THAT would be a reason for celebration.
And, I suppose I can pause now
and celebrate the awareness I already have.
Instead of strengthening the habit
of believing that I have so far to go,
maybe I could for once
celebrate this place,
this arrival here.
This now–
the only place,
the only time
for celebration.

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