Stop Buying It


A lot of what we’re chasing after,
a lot of what haunts us,
is this desire to feel complete.
And we think something outside of us
will help us to reach that state of wholeness.
And so we scramble…
A drink,
a smoke,
a trip to the mall
or to,
an hour (or three) on social media,
a relationship,
a guru,
a car,
a house,
a pet,
a church,
a job,
a trip.
We think these things we get
will help us to get a life,
but there is always something else
we are lacking.
One acquisition leads to another…
a business,
a presidency,
global domination,
galactic annihilation.
There will never be enough
to fill that empty whole
inside of us.
until we become very still
and sense that we are complete,
always have been
and always will be.
How could we be otherwise?
Here we are,
being breathed by life,
each breath we are fulfilled.
Any thought that we are lacking something
is a story that was sold to us.
Stop buying it.


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