No Time, Just Present


The year winds down
but the days, little by little,
stretch longer and longer.
Spring is coming.
This is the promise
a few more minutes of daylight make
every single day.
But what if we weren’t so fixated on time?
What then?
What if we had no concept of year, season,
month, week, day, hours, minutes, seconds?
What would happen?
If we could drop the need to analyze,
understand, judge and plan,
we might have enough room to observe
the wonders as they unfold all around us.
This moment it is dark outside.
My body is tired.
It must be time to sleep.
Ah now this moment
I am awakening.
I see light.
My body is hungry.
It must be time to get up.
How simple this life could be
without the clutter of labels,
units, measures, definitions…
Think of an eagle soaring
or an oak growing from an acorn.
No time, always this moment.
If a course could be offered
on this kind of living,
I’d be the first to sign up!

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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