Letting Go


What does it mean to let go?
It means setting down
goals and agendas
and opening to this moment.
How do we do this?
First we recognize
that we have been attempting
to further our own interests,
gritting our teeth,
pushing against reality,
trying so hard to make things happen
according to our idea of how they should be,
holding onto expectations
until we are white knuckled and exhausted.
Then we choose to stop
this stressful way of being.
We take a deep breath and let go.
Some might say that letting go
is giving up,
but I say it’s an opening to peace.
With such clarity
we intuitively know what is to be done.
This kind of surrender
makes available our most precious resources.
If you find yourself stressed
and anxious about something,
ask yourself where you are at war with reality,
and if you’re ready for it
choose peace instead.
Choose to let go.

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  1. Very beautiful! One of my favorite routines is “Let It Go” flow – from yoga with Adriene on YouTube. It helps release a lot of pent up ick in your body. I think I need to do it today! Very much relate – thank you.

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