Vacation Meditation


Ah, here we are.
We traveled quite far today,
from Baltimore to San Jose
in Costa Rica.
Now we are in Punta Leona
and it seems dreamlike
after this intensely busy day.
I was going on three hours of sleep
and I was feeling pretty crazy, I’ll admit,
as I rose at 3:20 am,
showered and sat for thirty minutes.
It was a good way to start this busy day
and I’m glad I prioritized my sit
over an extra hour of sleep.
We managed to make it here
and for that I am grateful.
I set up a spot to meditate
and could only make it through
about a third of the usual time.
I decided that this is okay.
I showed up for my self,
for my breath, for stillness,
and to offer compassion
to others.
As I sat, feeling so incredibly tired,
I realized I could show compassion
toward myself
and end the meditation
earlier than usual.
A vacation can provide us
with a break from the mundane–
I figure I can break
from rigid expectations,
and find a way to let meditation flow with
–as opposed to against–
my vacation.
Be flexible.
In the end, isn’t this what
my practice is all about?

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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