My Poem for Tonight


You know life is good when…
The worst problem you have all day

is your laptop failing to find

the closest wifi network

necessitating your typing 

your blog post

on your iPhone.

After spending more than an hour

And feeling more than a little frustrated

I’ve decided to give up the fight.

Here, typed on my phone,

Is my poem for tonight.

2 responses »

    • Thanks Theresa for your kind invitation to rest. I agree that real rest is definitely something that I want and need. If I didn’t actually enjoy writing and posting, I would be inclined to take a rest from WordPress…but it’s precisely because I do enjoy writing and posting and it’s not going well that I’m feeling frustrated. My posts usually come in a very flowing manner, and to have to worry about technology and attempt to troubleshoot takes the fun right out of it! I hope you’re well and happy, my dear. ❤ ❤ ❤

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