How Amazing!


We spent the morning at the pool.
It’s January, and we’re at the pool?
How amazing!
Then we went home, had lunch,
took a nap.
Wow, we can slow down and rest?
How amazing!
And then we packed a meal
and headed to the beach
for a sunset cookout.
We boogie boarded with the kids
catching gentle waves
that took us back to shore.
We ate our meal
complete with fresh pineapple
and watermelon
and it was twilight as we were finishing.
A couple of cute little hermit crabs appeared
right as we were packing up to go.
The ocean serenaded us with her sweet song
as we walked back up the path to the van.
I feel happy, whole, rested, complete.
Wow, I’m on vacation?
How amazing!

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