Dangerous Precedent


Down in Costa Rica on vacation
where we were lucky to escape the inauguration
I hear some disturbing news from back home.
I hear that the “leader” of the US
has signed executive orders
to resume construction of pipelines
that will most likely endanger many, many lives
and to begin construction of a wall
designed to keep out the human beings south of us.
I hear that he wants to restrict Muslim visitors,
putting them on some kind of list,
oh, and…he has silenced government agencies
who are trying to keep us little people informed
of all of these goings on.
And the man who took an oath
to support our leader for the benefit of this country
and her people–
he rallied today to undo legislation
that has protected women’s rights
for decades.
I’m scared.
Should we stand mutely by
and let this happen?
Should we condone our leaders
taking actions that run completely counter
to our own moral and ethical codes?
That would be a dangerous precedent.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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