Thoughts After Boogie Boarding in the Pacific Ocean


I spent time in the ocean today.
It was sunny, breezy,
and I was hanging out with a bunch of kids
who were waiting, just like I,
for a perfect wave
to take us into shore.
Yeah, I was on a boogie board,
and everyone else with boogie boards

fell into the male aged 10-12 category.
I’d like to say I was surfing
because that sounds much cooler,
but I haven’t learned how to surf yet
and plus the waves weren’t big enough for that.
I kept my eyes fixed on the horizon,
waiting, waiting for just one good wave to catch.
Some waves seemed too small–
a waste of my time and effort–
but every once in a while,
a powerful wave would arrive
and YES!
I would ride it back to the beach
coasting into the wet sand
the sandy water covering me and my board
as the wave receded, beckoning me
back into the blue green water.
It struck me how much I was waiting, waiting,
standing there, looking to the horizon.
I focused deeply on the water
to the exclusion of everything else around me,
staring hard to see if what I wanted was coming.
From time to time I’d come to,
take a deep breath, look around,
see families and friends splashing and laughing.
Was I being grim in my fixation
on the water and the lust for waves?
And how much of my life is spent in this way,
waiting, waiting, eyes fixed on the horizon,
staring hard to see if what I want is coming?
I came home with a sunburn
and the memory of the churning water
as it pulled me back,
again and again,
to shore.

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