All I Ever Wanted


I let go of who I once thought I was
so that I can finally be
who I am right now.
There’s nothing dramatic about it,
no mystical experience
complete with levitation and fireworks…
it’s just me, sitting quietly,
finally able to appreciate this being,
this Self that I am.
There is something profoundly beautiful
in the simplicity,
I’m not all that different
from anyone else,
not at all special–
quiet ordinary actually…
I’m just a woman
sitting on a cushion, breathing
aware of my heart beat,
grateful to be alive.
There is no more pressure
to be great,
to prove who I am,
to stand out.
With this realization comes peace,
which is all I ever really wanted
in the first place.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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