Universal Soul


But is it even accurate to say
My soul?
When I use words like
I, me, mine,
I’m drawing a line
between who I perceive myself to be
and the rest of life around me.
My experience of the soul
is that it is universal…
this spirit in us that links all of us
draws no lines,
has no boundaries.
It’s only when I’m caught up
in my personal story
that I might see a difference
between my soul and yours.
Words cannot express the truth,
they can only point us in the direction
of some sort of meaning
that approaches our idea of truth.
I cannot adequately describe this feeling of
oneness, connectedness,
that blossoms in me
when I lose my sense of self
and become absorbed
into the Universe of being.
If I had to use words
to describe this state
the most accurate
would not be my soul,
but the soul,
Not my awareness,
simply the awareness.
In such a state
there is no more I.
This feeling of connectedness
guides my decisions, every step.
I could study this feeling my whole life
and never really know what it is.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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