Life is a Story You Tell


It all begins in the mind
although we think
that this world that filters in
through our eyes, our ears
is something outside of us
and that life is something
that happens to us…
But it begins in the mind
and all we can ever live
is our own story.
Start to notice
the little voice in your head
constantly blabbering
about this or that.
Notice the tone of its words,
how it has an opinion
about everything.
Is this voice telling the truth?
Most of the time, no.
But do we believe it?
Most of the time, yes.
And what is the remedy
for this insanity?
Notice. Be aware.
Be the conscious author of your story.
The world isn’t outside of you
and life doesn’t happen to you.
The world begins inside of you,
and life is a story you tell.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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