Gratitude Meditation


Tonight, with my heart overflowing with gratitude,
I sat in meditation, smiling.
After my customary breath work practice
I took my mala*
and silently repeated Thank you for each bead,
all the way around the mala–108 times.
But why stop with my mother tongue?
I asked myself.
So I kept going, saying Merci 108 times
Danke 108 times
Grazie 108 times
Arigato 108 times
Xie xie 108 times
and finally,
Gracias 108 times.
If I knew more languages
I would’ve kept going.
It’s uplifting to say Thank You
in all the ways I know how,
to imagine people all around the world
expressing their thanks
for all of the good in this life.
And it’s amazing to recognize
how truly blessed I am–
like I’ve awakened from a dream
to see this beautiful reality
shining all around me.
It was always there,
but because I was sleeping
I never saw it.
But now,
with my eyes open
and my heart brimming,
I CAN see,
and I am so grateful.
Thank you life!

*prayer bead necklace

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