Fire Meditation


Tonight I sat facing the fire
as I was privileged to do
being born into this culture
and growing up with an education
and having a job and a husband
and a family.
I have a fire to sit in front of,
because I have a home.
I have a home because–
because I am incredibly fortunate.
I practiced tonglen
as I gazed into the fire,
the delicious warmth
seeping into my bones.
I breathed in the delight of this warmth,
and breathed out
imagining that all beings who are cold
might receive this warmth
and enjoy it also.
I pictured a world
where everyone could be warm
and safe
like I am tonight.
I grew drowsy with my good fortune,
the heat lulling me to sleep,
my eyes losing focus
as the flames died into embers.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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