From Struggle to Integration


It was a honeymoon.
With the marriage of
insight, the proper context
and the right timing
I experienced a moment
of freedom
from the pervasive inner negativity
to which I had become so accustomed.
I was so excited
about this newfound freedom
that I shared my story with everyone.
But what goes up,
must come down…
and my emotional system
pushed back hard,
not wanting to give up so easily
the ground it had gained
during its long reign.
I have come to expect
this kind of systemic backlash
and so I wasn’t surprised
when the negativity
came flooding back today.
I’m working hard to wake up
and to stay awake…
and I’m learning to reframe
my experiences
so that they flow
into the path
that leads to joy.
The honeymoon isn’t over…
This is just a lull,
a chance to see
if I really mean
to talk the talk
and walk the walk.
Now that I’ve experienced
the sweetness of union,
I can’t go back to the old way.
Thank you Teachers
for taking my hand
and keeping me on the path
as I move from inner struggle
to universal integration.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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