Answer the Call


If the quickest path to misery
is self-absorption
then the quickest path to joy
is placing your attention on others,
seeing what you can give,
how you can help,
where you can go
to enrich the lives of others.
At the end of your life,
is it the piles of money
you will have amassed,
or the big house
or the fancy car
that will matter?
will you be able
to say with confidence
I gave all I had
and I loved with my whole heart.
I feel complete now,
knowing that I brought joy
to the people in my life…?
Each day we choose
one or the other…
self absorption
or the kind of selflessness
that can heal the whole world.
You matter.
Your actions matter.
The love you give matters.
Now, more than ever,
the world needs you.
Will you answer the call?

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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