Dance in the Rain


If we have a rigid view
about how things are supposed to be
how could we ever be delighted
by the way things actually are?
What sounds better–
mumbling, groaning, frowning,
complaining because it isn’t sunny
stepping out into the rain,
smiling, looking up to the sky,
opening your arms wide
and dancing?
If you don’t like what’s happening
find a way to reframe this moment
to bring your awareness back
to how truly blessed you are.
Look at where you came from,
going back thousands, millions of years.
Think about how many ancestors
had to survive
to make your life possible.
Feel awe contemplating
the utter improbability
of your birth–
out of all the beings
who could’ve been born
from your mother and father,
it was YOU who was given life.
What a gift it is just to be here.
Now go and dance in the rain!

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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