How Remarkable


Start small.
Take one step at a time.
Slow down.
Breathe deeply.
Sit down,
at least for a few minutes
every day.
This habit of finding stillness
and reconnecting to your center
will spill over
into every aspect of your life.
Don’t try to quit unhealthy habits,*
simply begin healthy ones,
and they will shape your life
in marvelous ways.
Don’t talk yourself out of it,
saying you don’t have enough time–
you can find five minutes
right when you wake up
to tune into your center
and start the day with peace.
As you commit to your daily practice,
prepare to be amazed
at what you’re capable of accomplishing.
As you tap into the deep source
of your power
you start to see
how truly remarkable you are.



*I’ve been listening to The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and I’m finally starting to understand why my simple resolution to meditate every day has led to strengthening my willpower and developing the discipline to start and maintain other healthy daily habits.  Take this blog for example. After sitting for thirty minutes daily for a year I committed to posting once a day for a year. After the year was over I just kept going. I also write in my gratitude journal every day and have been finding the time to delve into creative projects.  I’m reasonably certain that I wouldn’t be doing any of this if I hadn’t started meditating regularly, so I’m feeling incredibly blessed by my teachers who have gone before me and paved the way for  a happy life.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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