NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 5: Out There In Here


Inside I’m suffocating;
dishes to be done,
floors to be swept,
meals to be prepared,
children to be tended.
I long to be out there.
I rush outside onto the deck,
I draw in a deep breath,
squat down
and listen.
The woodpecker makes holes
in the trunk of the maple
just beginning to leaf out
after a long winter.
Individual cherry blossom petals
float on the wind
land on my  hand,
my face,
in my hair.
I go back inside
with my hand over my heart,
vowing to keep some of out there
right in here.


Today over at there is a link to an interview with the incomparable Mary Oliver, one of my most favorite poets and an all around truly good, honest, person. We were encouraged to take inspiration from Oliver’s poems and write something including some nature in the mix. Nature is my church and my savior, and although I can’t do it any justice in my poem, I can still have fun writing something.  So here goes.

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