NaPoWriMo Day 21: Overheard in a Shopping Center Parking Lot at Christmastime


It was just before Christmas
and the immense shopping center
parking lot was packed
In fact
I didn’t bother moving my car when
after completing
my grocery shopping I
decided I wanted to find an ugly
Christmas sweater.
Instead I walked across
the vast ocean
of concrete jammed
with other people’s modes
of locomotion
and headed toward Kohl’s.
Negative, Captain,
there are no ugly sweaters here.
So I headed to Old Navy.
As I crossed another expanse
of man’s concrete priorities
I saw two young women
perhaps in their twenties,
and another woman, older,
their mother I think.
They were loaded down
with bags full of
Lord knows what
for God knows whom,
and these gals were
looking positively haggard.
It was then I heard
Well, you KNOW what happens
when my medication wears off.
Well can’t you take some MORE?
Just shut up, because you don’t
Just stay away from me!
I hate you!
And then, silence.
Ahh, the holidays,

I thought to myself,
They bring out the best
in everyone.

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