NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 22: To the Climate Deniers


Oh ye who do not believe in climate change,
who sacrifice the future of coming generations
with your fixation on short term profits,
take heed–
It may not seem as though you are connected
to us “little” people, the animals, the mountains,
the oceans, the sky, the forests, the deserts,
but you are a strand in this web of life,
and what you do affects all of us,
and it affects you too.
You will never become happy
by owning the earth
or buying a yacht
or a private jet
or a public office–
in the end, there is no end to greed
and all of your desires end up
owning you.
You are a strand in this web of life;
every breath, every thought, every word,
every action has an impact on all of us.
The time is drawing near
when you can no longer deny
what science has proven again and again.
Wake up, wake up, wake up!
Look at what we have to lose
because of your shortsightedness!
Look farther into the future;
look into the eyes of your
grandchildren’s grandchildren.
Think of them the next time
you decide to use our mother’s gifts
for your own selfish interests.
Open your eyes and see,
listen, and hear,
smell and taste and feel–
all of this has given you life.
It is time for you to give back.

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt invited us to write a georgic. I don’t think I wrote a georgic, but I did write something in honor of the earth and Earth Day.  May we all join together in preserving our precious Mother Earth for future generations.  May all beings be at peace.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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