NaPoWriMo Day 28: From Free Association With the Word “Paradise”


There are as many visions of paradise
as there are stars in the sky…
but this is my vision:
nature, mountains,
a peaceful forest,
looking around
I see sunlight filtering through trees
and soft moss blanketing the ground.
Ferns are everywhere, lush as they are
nurtured, known
by the soft rain that has fallen slowly
and quenched their thirst
so thoroughly
that they have no choice
but to reflect the beauty
of the sky, the space,
the air that breathes magic,
life, comfort, wholeness, health,
glowing with communion,
the shared experience
of harmony through conscious
the very definition of generosity
innocent and complete.
All at once this is a dream
and the reality of our mother’s
gifts to us.
Honoring what we have been given
is not only polite,
but it allows us to sleep at night;
as we take care of her
we take care of us,
that the flowers continue
producing nectar and the wind
whispers, gently caressing the lichen
that has grown so exuberantly
on the sunbathed rock,
that we may hold what is precious
and give life back to life,
that we may know the purity
of the same rivers and lakes
as they flow in our veins,
that we may eventually find rest
in our mother’s sweet embrace again.


The NaPoWriMo prompt was a call to action…to find a favorite poem and choose a specific word, then take that word and write words related to that word using free association…then construct a poem from those words. I chose the word “paradise” from Mary Oliver’s poem “The Chance to Love Everything.”

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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