You Are the Miracle


Don’t shrink, expand.
Now more than ever
this world needs
human beings to awaken
and allow their deepest essence
to pour forth,
helping the world,
healing the world,
inspiring the world,
celebrating the world,
this world where there
is so much beauty
concealed by so much suffering.
Step out of the suffering
and look up at the sky.
Walk into the forest,
listen to the water in the stream.
Sit atop the mountain peak,
let the sun and the wind
touch your face.
Go into the city,
love every single person you see.
The pendulum swings
again and again,
never stopping.
Beyond the extremes
of the pendulum’s swing
there is oneness,
forever, only oneness–
and this is the truth
of who you are.
Let the great one in you
breathe, speak,
think, create and act
from this oneness.
You are the miracle
we’ve been waiting for.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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