Falling Apart


And then I asked myself,
Why am I trying to hold it all together?
What if I let myself fall apart?
What if all the pieces fell,
and the wind blew some of them away,
and the rains washed others away,
and a broom swept still others away,
until finally,
all that was left
were the pieces that mattered,
the pieces that couldn’t be
blown or washed or swept away…
And what if I took all those pieces
and began building myself again?
Or if some great mosaic artist found them
and created some new work of beauty?
I won’t know until I try.
Maybe I’ll let myself fall apart
and see what happens.

2 responses »

  1. Oh Lorien, I love that you can write so expressively and that you’re sharing your roller-coaster with us. In time to come you will, from a happy and stable place, look back on your writings and marvel at how you coped with the ups and downs. For now, try to enjoy the good moments and do all you can to look after yourself (more yoga classes and walks in nature?). On the rough days, remember that they won’t last. As for falling apart – who hasn’t fantasised about that at times. The temptation to surrender, to give up, to be looked after. But you’re a mum and that gives you the inner strength of a lionness, so you will keep going, even when it feels impossible, because your cubs need you. Just keep on going, you’re doing fine. xxx

    • Thank you Theresa for such a sweet, caring, and supportive comment. I truly appreciate your presence and the time you took to write this. It brightened my day. Thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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