About Love


What should I write about?
Write about love.
What can I say about love
that hasn’t been said?
My dear, you are the only you
there ever will be, 
and your story matters.
Try. Try to write about love.
Okay, I’ll try,
but how can a tiny drop
describe the entire ocean?
Just trust yourself.
Take a deep breath, and write.
Write about love.
Hmm. Love is…indescribable?
Oh, go ahead and try anyway.
It isn’t love just because
someone is saying “I love you.”
Love is action. And truth.
It is clear vision and humor.
It is forgiveness and understanding.
It is forbearance and clear boundaries,
knowing when to allow
and when to say NO!
It is faith and follow through.
It is showing up and growing up,
giving in, standing up,
giving way, standing down.
It is a deep honoring
of the most basic need in all of us,
to be connected,
to be seen, heard and held.
It is the choice to see the beauty
in the middle of the ugliness
and to be rich
in the presence of poverty.
What else can I say?
I am a tiny drop
in the middle of the vast ocean.
You did fine.

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