Panic and Power


Up at 3am (again)
I found myself panicking about the future.
And so I did some mirror work.
I stood in front of the mirror,
looked into my own eyes,
told myself that I was going to be fine,
that I didn’t need to worry.
I love you Lorien
I said to myself,
I know it hurts right now,
but you’ll get through this, I promiseβ€”
and you’ll be stronger on the other side.
It felt kind of goofy at first
but I just trusted and kept
reassuring myself,
and you know what?
It worked.
I felt my mood shift,
the panic was gone…
I felt calm enough to sit.
At the very end of my sit,
an affirmation came to me:
I do work that is deeply fulfilling,
that renders great service to humanity,
and which generates fabulous income.
I kept repeating the affirmation
throughout the day,
and felt myself empowering myself
to believe in the world of possibility.

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  1. I did mirror work for years and it didn’t change anything. It was mostly at one kind of workshop or another. Once, I bought a mirror and experimented with using it more often. I’ve been amazed by the change!
    Enjoy truly seeing what you see reflected!

    • Thanks Vincent! I figure looking lovingly into my own eyes isn’t such a bad practice when you come right down to it…and I do look forward to seeing changes in my outer life to reflect the inner changes within me. πŸ’–πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒˆ

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