You’re Worth It


Just a little reminder about self-care
for those of you who might need it…
Friend, take care of your precious self.
You do not need to ask permission.
There is no reason to believe
that getting your needs met is selfish.
Listen closely:
Any act of loving self-care 
is an act of service to humanity.
Don’t believe me?
Who will serve better—
She who is exhausted
or she who is well-rested?
Who will have the energy
to reach his deepest potential—
He who is starving
or he who is nourished?
It’s so simple, isn’t it?
If you want to have love to give,
love yourself first and foremost,
and let this love spill over
into the minds and hearts
of everyone around you.
Yes, you can give yourself
the rest, the nourishment,
the beauty, the caring,
the gentleness that you need.
You’re worth it!

4 responses »

  1. This is so very true, in my own experience and I’ve seen it first-hand in others. During those times of self-criticism it seems like we’re keeping away anyone or anything good. Once we let go of the self-judgment then we judge others less and then the world becomes a more loving place. It’s wonderful!

    • You are so wise friend. It’s wonderful to hear of your experience…to move from self-judgment to see the world transform before our eyes, what power, what presence! ❤ 🙂 ❤

      • Thank you for the compliment. I’m uncertain to claim I’m wise, as I’m still finding my way as in a dark room. Your words are like little beacons helping us all.

      • Ah Vincent, you ARE wise, whether you like it or not. You are wise enough to know that you are finding your way. Those who are unwise think they know the way and are always lost. ❤

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