Live Through It


Just when I thought I had found
some steady, even ground
I discover that I’ve fallen
into another abyss,
this one deeper than all the others.
There is no end to the sorrow,
no end to the feelings of inadequacy,
the belief that I wasn’t good enough
and this is why he left.
I try so hard to make myself believe
that this will get better.
I reach out to friends.
They say,
Sorry you’re going through this.
It doesn’t help.
I discover that no one can take this pain away.
I guess I just have to live through it somehow.

8 responses »

  1. “I guess I just have to live through it somehow.” Yes, you do. And you will. And you will come out the other side stronger than ever.

    • So they say…it’s just hard to believe anything but the story “I’m doomed,” when I’m in that place. But I’m grateful for all of the beloveds who have reassured me that this will change. That way I don’t plan on staying stuck here; I plan on it changing and getting better! And somehow it always does…:) ❤

    • Thank you Leon. I appreciate that embrace. Sometimes the sorrow feels like it’s bigger than the universe…but just one friend’s caring makes it shrink to a tiny smudge on the wall. Thanks for being there. ❤

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