I Love This Self


Who is the self
behind the stories
behind the words
behind what I have seen
behind what I have heard?
Who is this Self?
I keep looking;
I cannot find it.
I can’t see it or hear it
or taste it or touch it
or smell it…
But I can feel it.
It’s there when
I get still and silent
and go inside myself.
It’s behind the noise
and the heartbreak
and the dissatisfaction
and all the stories
of all the mistakes I made
and all the reasons
I can never be truly happy…
It’s there shining, smiling gently,
arms open wide,
ready to welcome me back home.
I love this Self.

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  1. Hey Lorien, I’ve been thinking about you a lot as I’m getting caught up on your blog. Sending good thoughts your way. You’re going through tough stuff, but you’re brave and strong and wise. I don’t really know you, obviously, but I have a feeling, a good feeling that you will emerge in better health and happiness on the other side of this grief. Take good care.

    • Thanks friend. I’m doing my best to rise above the hurt animal in me, tend to the animal’s wounds, and evolve as a stronger, wiser, more compassionate person. I’ve been given the opportunity to walk my yoga teacher talk. It ain’t easy, but nothing valuable in life ever is. ❤

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