Real Life Keeps Going On


In a downward spiral,
feeling awful,
feeling unloved, unseen,
And this is all a sign
that I have abandoned myself,
that I need to turn toward myself,
and find out what core wound
I’m believing right now.
But it’s so goddamned much work,
and I feel tired to the bone.
No one ever told me
that it would be this painful
to awaken, evolve, and overcome.
I long so deeply for resolution;
there is none in sight.
It’s only me here
with my two children, hungry, bickering,
as real life just keeps going on.

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  1. It is uncanny to read this poem today. I penned a piece this morning about standing in a house that was so lonely … having no one near but those I am responsible for … yet because I’ve started down some ‘path’ i can’t dare want someone to ease the hurry for me…

    It’s so hard.
    And I send you so much love. Do viparita karani. Be kind to yourself when you can. X

    • Thanks dear mama. It’s only hard when I believe my dark stories. It takes so much effort to not believe them! I’m hoping this work will make me stronger and not so apt to go to the darkest place when I’m hurting. Love to you and wishes for ease and connection and joy and well-being. ❤

  2. Work, yes…
    Your central line says it all.

    God (Goddess/the Universe…) always blesses us with all the strength that we need for the work that is ours to do, and does the rest Himself. Every time.

    We just don’t start seeing and feeling it before we [Surrender] and allow Grace in.

    I have prayed for you with Even If and It Is Well.
    Listen to them before you go to bed.

    Guardian Angel Hugs to all three of you, Lorien love! 👼💜 👼💜 👼💜

    💜🙏 Leon

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement, your thoughts and your prayers. It means so much to me to know that you care and that you take the time to pray for me. Much love and lots of hugs and gratitude. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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