Going With Change


It all changes, all of the time,
so why do we become so surprised
when things change?
The weather, the seasons, our bodies—
always changing,
our moods, our hopes and fears,
our likes and dislikes—
always changing,
the people around us,
the stars in the sky,
our language, our deep desires—
always changing.
And isn’t it a good thing?
Isn’t it a relief to count on change
as the only constant in the universe?
The alternative is to always be stuck.
Which feels better to you?
I’m going with change…

2 responses »

  1. Yes Lorien, going with the flow, whatever its speed, ranging from wildly cascading to seemingly completely still, each stage of every life, pleasant or agonizing, in its perfect place. So much love and courage to you my friend 💖🌞Leon

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