Greater Than Forever


In all of my seeking
did I ever stop
to ask myself
if I could recognize
the destination
when I had finally arrived?
Or would my eyes
be blindly fixed
on the far horizon
of fulfilled desires,
receding ever farther
with each step
taken toward it?
Once I had arrived
would I be capable
of enjoying
the banquet before me,
or would my eyes
be so mercilessly claimed
by visions of what is to come
that I couldn’t smell
or taste
the holy feast
laid out so perfectly before me?
Haunted by desires,
doomed to range
the shadow lands
a hungry ghost
wandering the globe
for some promise
of a promise
of something forgotten
long before
our great grandmothers lived.
Is that any way to live?
Let me be a stand
for the freedom in ecstasy
felt by a body
uninhibited by
someone else’s stories.
Let me sing you a song
about joy and waves
of delight
standing on the edge
of eternity’s domain
and seeing something
even greater
than forever.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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