I’m tired.
The opposite of inspired.
I was told by five people
to be careful what I post
on my Instagram and Facebook accounts,
given how social media posts
can be used as evidence
in a court of law.
Evidence of what?
That I’m human?
That I have feelings?
That I’m going through a difficult time?
That I’m completely justified
in what I’m thinking and feeling?
They can twist what you write,
I was told,
and make your wordsΒ 
into something they’re not.
At first I rebelled.
I thought about our broken legal system
and the measures put into place
to discourage people from speaking up.
But then I remembered my children.
I remembered that I want them in my life.
And the little girl in me
stopped her tantrum,
went back to her room
and closed the door.

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  1. I love this. I have to do this a lot too. Maybe we allow that part of us to communicate with us in a safe way. ❀ I have to hold that part of me a lot. Seems like the more I gave cried out from that place the worse it gets. It’s very strange. I guess I found it was me that needed to hear her feelings. Oh..also I learned to write in code. So anyone reading my poems wouldn’t be able to use it against me. There’s ways. Lol. I honor your journey. This stuff is darn hard. β€πŸ’š But there’s treasures too. Amazing what our kids inspire us to get through.

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