What Is the Truth?


Searching for meaning
in all of this suffering,
this feeling of powerlessness,
this isolation.
My friend said,
Depression lies.
I want to believe her.
But what is the truth anymore?

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  1. “Bhikkhus, it is through not realizing, through not penetrating the Four Noble Truths that this long course of birth and death has been passed through and undergone by me as well as by you. What are these four? They are the noble truth of dukkha; the noble truth of the origin of dukkha; the noble truth of the cessation of dukkha; and the noble truth of the way to the cessation of dukkha. But now, bhikkhus, that these have been realized and penetrated, cut off is the craving for existence, destroyed is that which leads to renewed becoming, and there is no fresh becoming.”

    — Digha Nikaya 16

    • And I can renew my aspiration, but I feel a deep need for sangha. So much solo flying leaves me feeling exhausted, as if this struggle is meaningless. I long for community, for communion, for feeling as though I belong somewhere, with some beings. I do not feel at home in myself. I do not feel at home anywhere right now. So thank you for the reminder of the Four Noble Truths, and…I long for those who will be keepers of the truth alongside me, who will sit with me in noble silence, who will share in this work. Thank you brother for your comment.

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