Questioning…and Asking For Your Input


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Hi everyone.  I arrived back in Maryland on July 31 after a wonderful trip to Colorado where I was taken care of in every way by a dear friend who knows what I’ve been through this past year.  I felt really good and positive for about a week, but then real life came crashing down on me, and I’ve been dealing with the depression and anxiety again.

As I’ve been paying closer attention to my daily routine—of which this blog has been a part for the last five and a half years—I’ve been asking myself what kind of value my posts here are to others.  If I’m writing my daily poetry and focusing on what is wrong, I believe that I’m contributing to an atmosphere of sadness and anger on planet earth.  This is not what I want for me, you, or for this blog.

So I’ve been really wondering what kind of value I can add to anyone’s life here on Yoga Mom.  Can I focus more on yoga?  Can I share breath work techniques, yoga poses?  Can I talk about mindful parenting?

I’m not sure what shape I want the blog to take at this point, but I’m absolutely open to any ideas that you’d like to send my way.  I started off the blog for myself, as a means to find the self-expression that had felt so hampered in the midst of raising young children and being in what I’ve come to realize was a highly abusive marriage.  I never expected to have people actually following my posts and reading my words, but now with over a thousand followers I feel it is my social obligation to focus on what is good and real and true in life, instead of on what is bringing me down.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about how I can do that here, I’m all ears.

Thanks for reading,

Yoga Mom

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  1. I think sometimes we do what we need to do to heal and then whatever we have to share with others just flows naturally. It was like that with me. I think it’s great to question what we are sharing with the world and also be honoring of parts of us that just need us to be present with them.

    • This is such an important point. I have operated as wounded healer for so long I have a tendency to gravitate back to that role because it is so familiar, so ingrained. I appreciate this gentle wake up call…that focusing on our own healing and living authentically is enough, and if someone else can derive benefit from this journey, then so be it.

    • Thank you Laurie. You showed up with your wisdom at just the right time and gave me permission to just relax and keep going however it feels right to me. Thank you.

    • Thank you Laurie. Your words and thoughts mean a lot to me. And this makes so much sense. I certainly don’t want to drop my authentic self to “help” people—that would be no help at all. ❤️

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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