Deeper Under


Saturday night and I’m alone.
I used to have a husband
and we used to live together
with our two children…
I used to have a family.

I try not to retell the story
of how you made the choice
to break our family apart,
and share your heart
and bed with someone else.
But the pain is real,
and the grief surges up inside me
like a wave
and suddenly I’m drowning.
A drowning person
can’t think logically…
they’re fighting for survival.
All they want is a breath of air.
Just like this,
I cannot think my way out
of the grief that drowns me.
I’m thrashing about inside myself
looking for land,
trying to catch my breath,
but there’s no land,
and there’s no breath,
and I’m sinking deeper,
deeper under.

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      • Indeed. It is painful, it’s like living in a horrible nightmare, but thankfully I found running, or running found me. If you ever need to talk I will be happy to listen to you.

      • Thanks, friend. I appreciate the offer. Do you run every day? And yes, “horrible nightmare” just about sums it up. Same here; if you need a listening ear I’m willing. I have found it very helpful to share my story with those who have gone through similar experiences. βœ¨πŸŒˆπŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

      • My absolute pleasure. I do try to run everyday, but sometimes the body needs time to recover. Thank you for the offer. Stay awesome and don’t forget to smile just because you can; this world needs your smile, it makes it a little brighter.

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