Where We Are


Now that I’ve been
nurturing hope,
“I love myself, I love myself,”
as much as possible,
moving toward
and self-compassion—
I’ve been naturally drawn
to taking better care of my living space.
I’ve been decluttering the house
room by room,
taking trips to the local donation spots,
and each time I release something,
I can hear the house
sighing in relief,
breathing better.
Ahh, space.
If space is really what we need,
why do we spend some much time
accumulating things
to fill it with?
may we stop
acquiring things
just long enough
to take a breath,
look into one another’s eyes,
and remember
where we are.

5 responses »

  1. putting things back into the universe has helped me to clear my space in every possible way – physically, mentally, emotionally. i have been doing this for years and my sister in law once said, when staying in my little house, “i noticed that you only have things that you really love here. each one has a meaning to you.” that is it, exactly

    • So awesome, friend. It takes discipline to live like that, but I’m finding that it is an authentic expression of self-love to keep only what you love and give the rest back. The question I’ve been asking myself is, “Do I want to bring this with me into my future?” Then I picture my future, and I feel into a yes or a no. It’s been a lot easier to let things go this way…❤️🙏🏻🌈✨

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