No Skipping


I believe everything is a test
and I think I should pass
every test with flying colors.
But how can I do well on the test
if I haven’t learned the material?
It’s important to admit
when I’m in over my head,
to see when I’m not prepared,
to ask for help when I need it.
There are no short cuts.
In the school of life
we can’t skip grades.

12 responses »

      • Thank you, friend, things are turning around for the better now that spring is right around the corner. Thank goodness! ✨🌈❤️🙏🏻

      • So glad to hear! Spring, thank goodness is right! Here in Northern Ca.we had an unusual amount of snow and rain. I’m here if you ever need a trusting friend! ☀️❤️🙂

      • Oh, bless you! Where are you in Northern CA? It’s such a beautiful part of the country. I’ve driven through Northern CA before and my heart felt so happy to see the beautiful landscapes…mountains, forests, coast…

      • Hey there! Well I live close to the Tahoe area.The Forest canyon is literally my backyard.I waited all of my life to live in the mountains.My son’s didn’t want to leave their friends when they were little. The ocean beaches here in Calif.are truly gorgeous! Pescadero beach, Montery Bay, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, beautiful! Lake Tahoe is beautiful too! Follow your heart and your nature and you’ll always know peace within your soul my friend! Best of all goodness to you and yours! ❤️ Stop by my blog sometime… I’ll repost a couple of pics of the snowfall we had. I have 30 ft. ceilings in my cabin and my roof was packed with snow! Don’t get me wrong .. I’m never going back to the SF Bay area! To much hate and I lived in a once peaceful area that turned Violent! Devestation is what I have seen. Be well and don’t let anyone steal your inner beauty, ever! 🙂🌹🌷🌺

      • Tahoe is so beautiful…the Sierra Nevadas are so gorgeous. You picked a good place to be. And wow, that’s a lot of snow you got there. How do you get out to grocery shop??

      • Hi! When I purchased my cabin one of the main reasons I bought it was because of the country market and dinner right down the street! Convenient for growing older.🙂 And not having to wait for the snow plows to come through. I’ve been in the mountains now for ten years. Lorien it is peace on Earth here! Next time you come to California you’ll have to stop by. Three blocks from theake I am. Though Not lake Tahoe.Take it easy being Mom!😀☀️❤️

      • Wow, amazing. You’re smart. Peace on Earth sounds wonderful. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the mountains, and in fact my dream is to move out to the Pacific Northwest in the not too distant future…start over, so to speak! I would LOVE to stop by next time I come through CA! My mom and aunt are in Sacramento, and my sister is heading out there next month. Enjoy your beautiful home, and thanks for being in touch here; it means a lot!

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