The Strength to Climb


When you’re 42 years old
with two young children,
recently divorced,
celibate for the last two years,
yearning for human contact
but trusting no one…
When there’s just $35 in your checking account…
and your AC has been broken for two weeks
and there’s a wiring problem in your house
necessitating running extension cords
from your refrigerator and freezer
to outlets in another room…
When you’re feeling
tired, angry, and lonely,
but you’ve made a commitment to sobriety
to try to claw your way out
of this pit you’ve fallen into…
When the only direction you can go is up,
but you’re so damn depressed that breathing feels hard—


Friends, that last question is not rhetorical. I quite literally want to know how YOU, you who have made it through tough circumstances and who have come out stronger, how YOU did it. I need some hope. Please share your experience, strength and hope with me.

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  1. I don’t have much advice I relied on family and my doctor and writing to help me out. I wrote a lot. Every dark thought I had and then wrote three positives for each negative.

    But I am sending good vibes your way. This storm shall pass ❤️

  2. I just wanted to thank you for using your voice and showing up in an authentic way. So sorry times are so tough. What helps me is trying to remember that nothing lasts forever – that’s just how life works. As bittersweet as it is when good times end, the flip side is that darkest days are eventually graced by the light. And as cliche as this might sound, searching for what blessings and opportunities you’ve had is one way to help shift the energy and build reserves for that mighty climb back up. Xoxo

  3. Hi. I’ve not been on wordpress for a while, but happened to click here. I’ve been through my own hell. I do have some strength and hope.
    I know it’s so hard to focus when life is so in your face, especially when you have young children and little support.i do know its possible to make it through.
    I’ve been going through a bit of challenge lately, not as extreme as in the past. I was remembering how I got myself to a better place when i had a toddler and anorexia and little support. Somehow…I was able to focus on the smallest thing that made me feel a little better…until I could hear that inner voice of creative, practical ideas.
    It sucks but when I get a little lower in my emotions I find it’s so hard to connect with people and things that can really help. When I somehow get myself feeling a little less low help is easier to find. Like ya, thanks.
    I was recently feeling low and scared and having a health scare and it sucked. I called my last emotional coach and a mentor and it went really bad.
    I also listen to anything that makes me feel better. All day if i have too. Theres a lot of cool people on youtube who have also been through hell. I still do this. I found it’s the biggest dent i can make. I take care of my daughter and do what I can. And I ignore anything that’s not an immediate physical threat. Focusing right in this moment… but holding on to my little feeling of hope of how I’d like to feel. When I have nothing left to lose I find I can say ok world…I’m gonna hold on to this I like teal swan. Shes been through hell. I like how abraham hicks describes moving up the emotions like depression to anger to frustration to hope etc.
    There is hope.♡ I also acknowledge it really sucks sometimes.

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