Meant For More


Home alone
quiet sewing
listening to motivational speakers
tell me how to set goals
believe in myself
tweak my mental habits
connect with my why
and in general
optimize my existence
so that the earth will be better
for my having passed by this way…
I allow myself to dream
about bigger things…
something deep inside tells me
I am meant for more.
And it’s amazing to note
that now I’ve begun to value
this woman I’ve become
I can actually believe
what the inner voice is saying…
I really am meant for more.

2 responses »

  1. This is exactly the line that refused to leave my head when I left my bad marriage as a young woman. I had no idea what was ahead, and very little confidence, no voice – but somehow knew this innately. And I was right. You will discover this too, I have no doubt.

    • It has been dawning on me slowly, but I’m really beginning to feel it now. And it’s such a relief, such a welcome feeling. It’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone on this path. I appreciate your insights as someone who has been there and can relate! Thank you so much for your kindness and your encouragement along the way. I treasure your presence here. ✨❤️🌈

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