Right Here in the Present


It occurred to me
that if I want more joy in my life
I need to choose to enjoy each moment.
Life is made up
of everyday, simple moments,
repetitive tasks, things that need to get done.
If I’m rolling my eyes and groaning
every time I need to tidy up,
go grocery shopping,
do the laundry,
pick up after my kids,
I’d be constantly miserable.
But if I could cultivate a mindset
of gratitude and joy
for each of these simple moments,
day by day and breath by breath,
they would all add up to a joyful life.
I don’t need to defer my happiness
for someday, for one day,
for whenever this or that comes to pass.
Happiness is now,
where it always was,
where it always will be—
right here in the present moment.

4 responses »

  1. I think you sussed out the key to happiness, it really is about mindfulness and taking each moment as they come. I was recently thinking about the concept of happiness and how we are all searching for complete and utter happiness and if we don’t have it, we act as though we are never happy. We cannot chase the feeling of complete and utter bliss because it doesn’t exist. We will have our ups and downs and remembering that is so important. Thank you for sharing this

    • Thank you, friend for being here! I think we are sold this expectation that we should be happy all of the time—because this belief is profitable. We are bombarded with advertisements all day in which people are essentially saying, “Buy MY product and you’ll FINALLY be happy!” And so we buy and buy and buy and, this crazy thing happens…we’re still not happy. We aren’t taught that happiness is within, because it’s not profitable. We are programmed to believe that happiness is something outside of ourselves and we must be searching for it constantly. I’m with you, that it’s about mindfulness and taking each moment as it comes. Best of luck to you, my friend. ❤️🙏🏻✨

    • Thank you! Once I realized how much choice I actually have, I stopped feeling like a victim of my circumstances. I was able to step into this wide open world of possibility and I began to sense my true power. I happy to continue along this path. It feels authentic and clear. ❤️🙏🏻✨

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