My Peaceful Life


I’d like to get to the point
where the average experience
of being alive feels safe and pleasant,
rather than anxiety provoking and heavy.
Breathing, looking around,
really seeing and feeling the truth
that all is well,
my peaceful life isn’t as far
as my mind would have me believe.

2 responses »

    • Yes, my friend…except I am coming to discover that sometimes I need to set things up in order to feel worthy of the goodness when it comes. To prepare myself to receive good I have been working on loving myself, processing the programming I received when I was too young to challenge it. That programming has kept me in a loop of beliefs and behaviors that limited my health and happiness. As I drop those beliefs and more good stuff comes into my life I’m convinced that the preparation is necessary…so that I can recognize and welcome the good when it comes, and allow myself to have it and enjoy it. (AND, sometimes it would be nice ot just relax!)

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