A Nice Cold One


The reasonable voice says
Don’t panic.
But the panicky part in me
panics like never before.
So many questions.
So much uncertainty.
I hear the liquor stores are doing great right now.
It makes sense.
When faced with so much uncertainty,
and you have to stay home,
and you’re around your famly
for longer stretches of time than usual
and you don’t know how to do this…
A nice, cold one sounds like a great idea.
I’d like to tell everyone to wake up,
because that’s my job as a yoga teacher.
But I’m unemployed right now, sitting home,
alone because my kids are with their dad.
I look in my fridge. Virtually empty.
Do I risk going to the store?
A nice, cold one would be really great right now…

4 responses »

  1. Look after yourself. It’s a tough time. Even just a visit to the store is stress full nightmare. Been off the stuff for 3 years now but yes it’s been a tough day trying to balance homeschooling with working out what to do with money coming in. Yes a cold one sounds great right now.

    • Thanks, friend. It is intense. I got a good taste of homeschooling this week with my kids all day every day. I’m pretty sure they’ll become wildlings in the forest if this continues much longer. It’s hard to convince them to do schoolwork when they are not in school…and it’s spring and lovely and warm out…

  2. Definitely scary times; and the panic will rise again when you do venture to the grocery store only to find empty shelves as I did yesterday…it’s difficult to keep the panic at bay. All the best to you during this rapidly changing times!!

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